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New Year’s Eve in Morocco

New Year’s eve on the 31st December is usually marked by some celebration, and tourist hotels and restaurants will certainly put on a special evening, January 1st is a public holiday in Morocco. Spening the night in the desert is very popular among travelers and a great way to welcome the new year.
In some parts of Morocco, traditional New Year’s Eve is actually celebrated around 12 – 15 January. The Amazigh (Berber) people will mark their own New Year, Yennayer, for the 2,960th time (in 2009/10) in accordance with the Julian calendar.
International Arts Festival, Asilah
If you are an art lover and enjoy shopping, you have to make a trip to Asilah during the month of August. Every year an arts festival is held here and a riot of color and music grace your senses.

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