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Morocco National Tours is a Moroccan company which takes place in Fes and it has more than 23 years full of experience in operating tours and excursions throughout the fascinating sites of a magnificent country like morocco.

Our services

  • Marhààba/Welcome/歓迎される/bienvenue /benveuto /Bienvenido

    At Morocco National Tours we provide a flexible tour programs for short- term period as well as long –term period ,it means that your holiday may start from a single day to several weeks also at any time that suits you and from any location in Morocco .whether you are travelling alone, with your family, couples ,group of friends or group tours Accompanied by reasonable English speaking driver and professional tour guide with Multi-lingual and extensive knowledge of Geography, History, and local Customs. Why Morocco National Tours
  • Trust

    You can trust that with M.N.T team your journey will be planned as much as possible not just vacation but also exceptional Vacation full with inspiring and life- enriching experiences.
  • Expertise

    With 25 years providing a pre-arranged tours M.N.T journeys are well designed to satisfy wide range of interest and satisfaction. Take into consideration your time frame, desire, and budget
  • Value

    Ensure excellence and offer a highest a quality services for clients Free time to explore the sites at leisure Tour transport is by minibus unless otherwise specified. Last and not at least, if you are thinking of organizing a private trip in Morocco, just call Morocco National Tours, don’t be hesitate, be enthusiastic and inform us about the destination That you are interested in .immediately, we will help you to design the best program that Suit your time, desire and budget.

Our Team

Mohamed Najem
Managing Director ,responsible for client liaison ,tours design ,Marketing ,reservations and administration.
Mohamed Najem or Mouha , was born in the desert and grew up in the Middle Atlas of Morocco, Mouha attended the University of Sultan Moulay Sliman where he gained his B.A Degree in English Literature in addition to that ,Mouha used to work as a receptionist for four years in an hotel which takes place in Erg chebbi dunes ,this period made him more experienced in dealing with different people from around the world .in other word, Mouha believes in strong work ethics that is to say he can offer excellence services and assure safety to the costumers .moreover, Mouha is passionate person about his country in terms of tradition and cultural diversity also he likes to share his own culture with others. Not only that , but Mouha is an expert person of arranging tours in Morocco at leisure. as well as can be able to advise you about particular journey that you’re interested in based on your requirements ,time frame and budget .
“When I was a child I’ll always bear in mind or dream to own a company which specialized in operating tours in Morocco .so as a motivated person in the field of tourism. Me and Youssef Guissi decide to establish a company which considerably specialized in operating excursions throughout Morocco and without doubt, my dreams turn into reality”
Youssef Guissi
Co- founder and Managig Director
Youssef is the founder of Morocco National Tours ,he was born and grew up in Fes the spiritual hearth of Morocco and one of the ancient city in the world , youssef has been working in the field of tourism for over 25 years full of experience .moreover, youssef has the driver license not only that but he was graduated in General Studies of Geography which made him more knowledgeable about the country in terms of Location, Map, Climate, Human interaction and environment that is to say he knows WHEN to travel to Morocco, WHAT to do as well as WHERE to go ,in addition to that Youssef has got a diploma in Marketing and Tourism Animation which Considerably made him a public figure in the field of Tourism .